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WHOOSH! Screen Shine is the next generation screen cleaner that not only cleans screens but makes them shine like new and provides a resistance to fingerprints.

In fact, WHOOSH! Screen Shine is the only screen and device cleaner that is guaranteed safe for all screens, 100% non-toxic, and fingerprint resistant. There is nothing in the formula that will damage, etch or chemically harm any of your screens, screen films or OEM coatings.

What other screen cleaner can you safely spray into your mouth? “We touch our phones and electronic devices all day long without giving a second thought to how dirty they get. Tech hygiene™ – which refers to the steps we take to keep our devices and their screens clean – is more important than ever.  WHOOSH!  Also comes with an ultra soft Microfiber cloth which will leave your devices hygienic, “cuz dirty phones are really gross”.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine comes in 8ml (R99), 30 ml (R199) and 100ml bottles (R349)
Available at iStore & Incredible Connection