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Since we unpacked the Swann Micro lightning remote control helicopters yesterday everyone at the office has been having some fun. Initially we found them quite tricky to fly but that’s what happens when you don’t read instructions and once we did and tweaked a few settings on the remote control these helicopters flew extremely well and accurately. I think almost everyone in our team felt like children again as we were flying them around our offices and warehouse and landing them all over the place. In the box you will find the helicopter, a tool kit, spare blades, a landing pad, a remote control and full instructions on how to fly them.

Swann make a huge range of remote control helicopters ranging from the Micro Lightning to the iFly micro Lightning which works on Apple and Android devices to the Black Swann which includes a camera under the helicopter that can be used to spy on your neighbours 🙂

Initially we are introducing the Micro Lightning helicopter that will retail at R399 and over the next few months we will roll out a few higher end models.

Video of Michael landing the Swann Micro Lightning helicopter in our warehouse… IMG_1999