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To say the very least the launch of the iPhone 5 last night was epic. Admittedly we monitored the Apple website since late in the afternoon waiting for the much anticipated iPhone 5. Finally it was launched and at first glance a bigger 4 inch Retina display, iOS 6, an all new A6 chip and LTE ability means this will be Apples greatest phone to date.  As with any new iPhone launch thousands of new accessories will follow and we are proud to be introducing one of the very top brands to the South African market Cygnett.

Once again Cygnett acted swiftly in launching their iPhone 5 accessories range and we are product to announce that the entire range will be hitting major South African retailers and online stores by October 2012. Cygnett have stuck with their best selling lines of covers including WorkMate, UrbanShield, Apollo, AeroGrip, SecondSkin, Crystal and ICON and have introduced several new ranges including Bulldozer, Vector, Polygon and the FlipWallett.

Cygnett now has an even bigger and more comprehensive range which means that regardless of price, preference or age you will be able to find a cover that suits you

r exact needs. They have also introduced a lifetime guarantee on all accessories which means that they will further cement their place as one of the major players in the accessories market.